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MailGuard is an email security and archiving solution that helps mitigate cyber security threats.

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant issues facing business today. With more than 293 billion emails sent throughout the world every day, it’s hardly surprising then that the number of security breaches has increased by 67% since 2014, with a cyber-attack occurring every 39 seconds, or on average 2,244 times each day.

Over 94% of Cyber security related breaches have been highlighted as originating from Spam email.

Prevents the most sophisticated unknown and undetectable threats

Comprehensive and cost-effective email & archiving security solution

Ability to continue using the email services through a power outage

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First To Stop Fast-Breaking Email Threats

MailGuard cloud-based email filtering is consistently between 2 hours and 48 hours ahead of the market in preventing fast-breaking attacks. With proprietary Hybrid AI (Artificial intelligence) threat detection engines, MailGuard predicts, anticipates and learns about new and emerging threats, and as a cloud-based security layer, MailGuard applies immediate protection to customers in 27 countries worldwide.

Compatible With Any Email Platform

MailGuard provides both inbound and outbound email filtering with a simple MX record change. This means you can turn MailGuard email filtering on if you have on-premise Exchange Servers, use Google Apps for Work, Office 365 or any other hosted email solution.

A cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, MailGuard is interchangeable and stackable with other leading anti-virus (AV) engines, providing MailGuard customers in-depth security without the high costs or additional software.

Fast, Reliable Service Ensuring Business Continuity

The MailGuard mail filtering network is a scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, load balanced mesh of clusters. We guarantee 100% email delivery and service uptime and offer rebates if service availability falls below 100%.

MailGuard is a fully managed service that delivers peace of mind. Our dedicated team of security specialists and our systems are working 24×7 to stop email threats before they enter your network. MailGuard proactively alert clients to any issues or scams via phone and SMS to further reduce risks to your business.

Easy access through Outlook plug-in and mobile app

Caters for outbound mail through the configuration of a smart-host

No Capex can be provisioned in short space of time

The Benefits

A Scalable, Redundant, Fault-Tolerant & Load Balanced Mesh of Clusters
Geographically dispersed around the globe with a primary focus of reducing latency, the MailGuard network of mail filtering servers is a scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant and load balanced mesh of clusters.

Multiple Anti-Spam Engines for Protection Against Phishing, Spear Phishing, Malware and Spam
Dynamic anti-spam engines, including proactive heuristic filters reject incoming spam, enabling significant bandwidth savings. Layers of spam filters combine for advanced protection, performance and accuracy.

99.997% spam catch rate with near zero false positives, with no special tuning or ongoing administration.

Comprehensive anti-spam reporting including individualised reports for employees (console), plus end-user spam quarantine release functionality.

Virus, Malware & Blended Threat Protection
Integrated anti-spyware scanners specifically target malicious URLs embedded in messages with the MailGuard Hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence) cloud-based malware behavior engines.

Our engines detect and unpack archive file types, identifying viruses recursively embedded within attachments. Once identified, we block dangerous file types by their content and MIME type, thus detecting mislabelled attachments.

Deep content analysis is undertaken of all email components to identify and quarantine messages containing potentially harmful code or URL links to known malicious websites.

Virus protection is applied to both incoming and outgoing email, supported with full virus and malware reporting

Take Action On Incoming Email Based On Pre-Defined Conditions
Action can be taken on messages exceeding a specified size limit (eg. Reject or Quarantine) or messages from any blacklisted IP address and domain. Other reject categories such as country can be applied by contacting MailGuard support.

Control inbound messages based on the presence of restricted file types or inappropriate keywords. Implement policies by user or domain – or across the entire organization.

Provide visibility of the security of incoming email through comprehensive reporting and email notifications.

Manage email authentication and anti-spoofing through Sender ID and Sender Policy framework standards support.

Outbound Policy Enforcement and Compliance Management
Automatically applies SPAM policy to outgoing messages, and enforces policies relating to outgoing message size, attachments, keywords or recipients.

This allows you to block inappropriate language in outgoing email, upholding corporate policies and ensuring messages comply with legal requirements.

Automatically add disclaimers based on individual, domain or company.

Facility to provide alerts based on outbound email content and attempted policy breaches.

Protect Against Denial of Service & Directory Harvesting Attacks
Detect and manage suspicious behaviour such as rapid concurrent connections from a single IP address or multiple emails sent to invalid email addresses.

When suspected Denial of Service or Directory Harvesting Attacks are detected, connection attempts from the offending SMTP server are rejected without impact to the customer.

Features File Fingerprint Technology To Manage Distribution of Confidential Files and IP
MailGuard quarantines any restricted file being sent by an unauthorized user and sends notifications to nominated email addresses.

Our platform provides the ability to use regular expressions (regex) to create powerful pattern matching rules.

Comprehensive Reporting and Message Classification

Access comprehensive security and email activity reporting, and schedule reports with email delivery options in a range of output formats including HTML and PDF.

Review bandwidth reports by sender, recipient, domain and file-type, plus analyse anti-spam performance by user via individualised reports.

View anti-spam/anti-virus performance, attempted policy breaches and identify potential mail abusers through security reports. Use this data to setup specific policies to output digests received directly.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies will provide clients with ongoing management, monitoring, and support:


Liquid Intelligent Technologies takes care of storage requirements as the archive grows

Email Archive

E-mail archive is housed at a highly secure Data Centre


24/7/365 monitoring support by Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ security experts


Liquid Intelligent Technologies manages upgrades and maintenance to the e-mail security, archiving and branding

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